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Marianne Harper is one of a very few who inspires dental practices to step out of the same old insurance coding rut and deal with coding based on the growing realization that dentistry should be considered the field of dental medicine. With the growing research into the systemic link, there is now more reason than ever for dental practices to help their patients afford their medically necessary dental procedures by filing with medical insurance plans. Through Marianne's cross coding products, the myth that cross coding is too difficult and not worth the effort will be dispelled and purchasers will be provided with the know-how to help their dental practices take the leap into cross coding and become part of the latest trends in cutting-edge modern dentistry thereby creating a win-win for patients and practices.

All products are for purchase by dental practices only.
Interested in learning about cross coding but find it difficult to find a class that is near your location? Do you find it difficult to get away from the office for seminars?

Here's your answer – online training. Now you can learn cross coding right in your own office.
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Featured Product:
"Crosswalking - A Guide Through the Crosswalk of Dental to Medical Coding"
A comprehensive and easy-to-use manual, guide and educational resource that teaches the process of dental/medical cross-coding.
Dental treatment, performed by the dentist in the dental office, went on a dental insurance claim form. Medical treatment, performed by the physician, went on the medical insurance claim form.
Simple as that--they rarely, if ever, crossed over.
Not anymore!
More and more treatment and coverage requirements crossover between dental and medical. If you aren't up-to-date and taking advantage of the latest coding trends, you could be losing money and patients.  
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