Cross-Walking - A Guide Through The Crosswalk of Dental to Medical Coding

Cross-Walking - A Guide Through The Crosswalk of Dental to Medical Coding
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This manual is designed to train dental staff members in implementing a dental-medical cross coding system within their practices. It covers the benefits of filing medical claims, the procedures that can be filed medically, the different types of medical codes and the system implementation process. It also matches CDT codes where possible. In addition, the manual includes a CD that downloads templates for insurance information forms, accident information forms, medical encounter forms, appeal letters, ERISA information form for patients who file their own claims, and claim examples including trauma; medically necessary periodontal, oral surgery, implant, laser, exams, and x-ray procedures; TMD; sleep apnea appliances; and oral cancer screening.

These forms may be used as they are or revised to your practice specific information and needs.

The cost of the manual is $295.00 with an $18.00 shipping and handling fee.
(Please note: For purchase by dental practices only.)
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This manual provides the information that insurance coders will need if they are to begin filing dental procedures with medical carriers. With the growing documentation of the relationship between oral health and overall body health, there will be increased demand for filing medical claims within dental practices in the near future. At present, dental practices can already be filing medical claims for the following: trauma procedures, many surgical dental procedures, medically necessary perio, and implant procedures, TMD procedures, sleep apnea appliances, medically necessary exams and x-rays, and oral cancer screenings. In addition, an increasing number of dental carriers are denying claims for certain procedures stating that the procedures must be filed with the patient's medical plan first. Therefore, dental practices should be prepared, now, to file these medical claims. The manual covers the following: an overview of medical insurance; the different codes and forms; the types of dental procedures that can be filed medically, and the different types of medical insurance. The manual then proceeds to address all of the aspects of implementing this system, from a new patient's initial phone call to appealing denied or under-paid claims. Medical insurance is diagnosis driven, not just procedure driven and the manual lists the majority of diagnosis codes that could be needed for dental procedures. A crosswalk of CDT codes to CPT codes (medical procedure codes), is provided. Multiple forms and letters are included that can be copied or used as the basis for your own. These include: a medical information request form, an accident form, a medical history form, a medical encounter form, narratives, letters of medical necessity, appeal letters, etc. Claim examples for the following types of procedures are included at the end of the manual: trauma, periodontal, oral surgery, implant, laser, exams, x-rays, TMD, sleep apnea appliances, and oral cancer screening.
I also offer, on an annual basis, updates to the codes and manual. This manual is one of the only ones available that can be updated. Purchasing the update will eliminate the cost that you would incur to purchase yearly diagnosis code manuals and CPT code manuals (at least a $195.00 savings). Purchasing a cross coding manual that cannot be updated on a yearly basis is a waste of your hard earned money.

I offer a 15% discount or rebate on the cost of the manual to buyers who are responsible for recommending the manual to another dentist who then purchases a manual.

Due to differences between filing dental and medical claims, there is always a learning curve for the dentist and staff. To make this process easier, a telephone support plan is available for four hours per year at the rate of $399.00.

A DVD of my cross coding seminar is available to provide a way to attend my course without the travel and cost of attending my live lecture. I offer special pricing for the combination of the manual and the DVD.

In-office training is another service that I provide. Some practices choose this option to get a more in-depth training than just a manual alone. A manual is provided at no cost when I train on location. The training takes one day and includes the training and the start to the implementation of a dental medical cross-coding system in your practice. This training should not affect your patient schedule that day. I will only need the staff members who will be processing the medical claims. My fee for in-office training will also include travel and lodging, if required.

It would be my pleasure to help you with this process.

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